Navigation works well on Lake Maggiore and, considering its particular shape, it is easy to organise courses from south to north and from one shore to the other of the lake. This offers the possibility to visit several places on the lake, even on the same day, in combination with bike itineraries to get to know the terrain better.

Navigation on Lake Maggiore is suggested, not only for the commodity of the transfers, but above all as a tourist attraction and an emotional experience. Passengers enjoy stupendous views, can observe the towns along the coast and the more distant mountain backdrops. It is one way to acquire a complete lake experience, including the Borromean islands.

The Gestione Navigazione Laghi guarantees mobility on the Verbano – likewise for Lake Garda and Lake Como – offering different routes and boat rides to get around on the lake and to organize your holidays.

Here below, a synthesis of the main itineraries available.

Laveno – Intra – Borromean Islands

Arona – Locarno

Stresa – Hermitage Santa Caterina del Sasso

Stresa – Isola Bella – Isola dei Pescatori – Isola Madre

There are also excursions that couple trains and boats such as the Lake Maggiore Express, an itinerary that offers the possibility to visit from the Borromean Islands to the castles of Cannero, from the Islands of Brissago to the picturesque towns along the shores. Stresa, Ascona, Locarno and the lake towns will thus reveal their most intriguing aspects. If reservations are made before departure, it is also possible to have lunch on board.

Note: Some of these itineraries are not available year round. They are suspended for a few months during the winter and best enjoyed when the weather is favourable. For more information about the routes, stops and prices, check with the navigation company.

For those interested in the fascination of navigating in a sail boat on Lake Maggiore, it is important to know that the basin is well adapted to this type of experience. During the good weather season, many sails dot the surface of the Verbano. For those that are not autonomously equipped, remember that a number of schools and rental agencies are active in the main cities, which makes it possible to enjoy a wonderful day on the lake, perhaps having a meal on board or diving off the boat.